Children playing at Gwealan Tops Adventure Playground

Gwealan Tops Adventure Playground

Scientific Services completed a Legionella risk assessment at the adventure playground. We provide advice and work with the team at Gwealan Tops to manage the risks of Legionella bacteria.

Carn Brea Leisure Centre's front door and signage.

Carn Brea Leisure Centre - Legionella

Scientific Services assists with Legionella management at the leisure centre. We provide advice and our customer portal highlights Legionella risks.

PSLC's crew in a boat in the sea

Porthtowan Surf Life-Saving Club - Legionella

Assisting in the management of Legionella at their Surf Life-Saving Club. Completing a Legionella risk assessment, we have enabled them to focus on saving lives, whilst promoting their members' safety.