Gwealan Tops provides a staffed, adventure playground enjoyed by children, young people and the wider community all year round. Based in Redruth, Cornwall, they believe that play is an essential part of childhood and key in human development.

Their adventure playground enables children to play in ways that they can’t elsewhere. They encourage children to take risks and face challenges. Being able to play in a supervised space builds the confidence and resilience of children who use their facilities.

The site is a large area with buildings, wood based structures and open spaces. Gwealan Tops offer arts and crafts alongside campfires, sports and outdoor pursuits, with the main purpose of promoting free play.

Scientific Services provided a Legionella risk assessment to Gwealan Tops. Together, we promote best practice Legionella management methods. We protect the health and well being of their users.

Children playing at Gwealan Tops Adventure Playground with a sunset.

Legionella risk assessment

We appreciated that the Gwealan Tops’ team are busy creating an exciting environment for their users. We ensured that we arranged a convenient appointment time for them. At a time when user numbers were at a minimum.

We attended the site and made a thorough assessment of their water systems and how they are managed.

Report and data

On completion, we put together a Legionella risk assessment. The document provides a detailed report of our findings. We know that the team’s focus is on the children and that they want to keep time spent on administration to a minimum. Our report included a table of recommendations. This ensured that they could access the key points quickly and efficiently.

We have uploaded the risk assessment and data to our customer portal. The charity can be assured that in the event of a HSE inspection they have all the records needed, accessible and in one place.

Ongoing support

Our team are on hand to offer any advice going forward. We will continue to work with Gwealan Tops to manage the risks of Legionella bacteria at their site.

“The team at Scientific Services were professional and helpful. They have made the process of getting our risk assessment sorted, hassle free.” John Fitzpatrick, Manager.


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