Has asbestos been disturbed at your site? Have you completed a removal project? Do you want to know if an area is safe to occupy? Then our UKAS accredited asbestos air monitoring, testing and four stage clearance services can confirm this.

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You may have an alternative reason for needing asbestos air monitoring. There are many scenarios that may require a visual inspection or for fibre levels to be assessed. Whatever your situation our team of BOHS P403 & P404 qualified consultants will:

  • Advise of the most suitable test to meet your needs.
  • Ensure that we run a suitable number of tests to provide accurate results.
  • Provide clear results, in reports that are easy to understand.
  • Provide advice on what to do next.
  • Be your point of contact if you have any questions.

“We assess every air monitoring enquiry on a case by case basis and offer the most appropriate service. This ensures your safety, but also provides cost effective testing solutions to you, our customer.” Dr Tim Hamilton Asbestos Expert and MD of Scientific Services.

We provide 24/7 coverage and have a fleet of mobile laboratories located throughout the South West. We can reach your property within hours of an asbestos incident. Each mobile lab comes with an experienced asbestos analyst and testing equipment on-board.

Together they provide asbestos air monitoring and testing services throughout Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset.

Asbestos consultant completing air monitoring at a site

About your asbestos air monitoring and testing

Accurate - ISO: 17025 UKAS accredited tests - Clear results - Advice on next steps

Our air monitoring and testing services are UKAS accredited and meet ISO: 17025 standards.

Governed by strict guidelines, we are annually assessed to ensure our competence. This provides you with peace of mind that our results can be trusted and are accurate at all times.

Choosing the right test type

We will discuss your individual case in detail with you. Then we can confirm which of the following services would best meet your needs:

  • Reassurance, background or leak air testing. These test the asbestos fibre levels within the air of a defined area. They can be completed before, during and after removal works. They are also run after asbestos disturbances and for ongoing monitoring exercises.
  • Visual inspections. This involves a visual inspection of an area for asbestos debris and dust. A visual inspection is completed to assess an area’s suitability for occupation.
  • Personal monitoring. A pump is attached to an individual during an activity such as asbestos removal or building demolition. This tests their asbestos exposure levels.
  • Four stage clearance. Required for licensed asbestos removal projects. This test confirms if an area is safe to reoccupy following asbestos removal. It comprises of four stages including:
  1. An initial assessment of the site and paperwork
  2. A detailed visual inspection of the area
  3. An air test within the enclosure/removal area
  4. Final inspection following the dismantling of the enclosure
  • DCU Clearance. A visual inspection and air test of a decontamination unit.

“Always found all the team at SSL to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and no qualms about recommending their services.” Matthew Featherstone, Clear Asbestos Solutions Ltd.

Asbestos Test Report

A hard copy of the report will be left on site, as soon as your visual inspection, air monitoring or four stage clearance is completed. You’ll also receive a digital copy of your test report via email. 

About your asbestos analyst

BOHS P403 & P404 qualified - Experienced - Knowledgeable - Safe

Your asbestos analyst will be selected by a member of the senior management team. This ensures that we send the most appropriately experienced analyst to your site.

Our analysts are all employees of Scientific Services. They have all completed our in-house training modules and take part in RICE. RICE is an interlaboratory counting scheme that assesses our ability to count asbestos fibres. This helps to ensure that we deliver accurate air monitoring results. You need meaningful results to make informed decisions about your next steps.

Each analyst is:

  • BOHS P403 and P404 qualified.
  • Knowledgeable, with specialist expertise in:
    • how to position pumps and the number required
    • measuring flow rates before and after air test completion
    • processing filters used in asbestos air testing
    • setting up a microscope and using it to count asbestos fibres
    • identifying typical problem areas in removal projects
  • Multi-skilled in air monitoring, surveying and asbestos testing.
  • Holds a CSCS card. This scheme provides proof that our employees have the required training and qualifications to work safely on your site.
  • DBS checked. This is a disclosure and barring service that shows spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings.
  • Equipped with specialist, calibrated equipment.
  • Completed confined space training.
  • Provided with protective clothing and personal protective equipment.
  • Agile enough to inspect hard to reach spaces such as ducts and high level locations.

Our team of analysts are all supported by our technical team. Who can provide extra support or input if your project needs it. This ensures that you adopt the correct action going forward. It also maintains your safety and legal compliance.

How long will your asbestos air monitoring or test take?

Mobile laboratories provide results on site - Reports issued minutes after test completion

Our 24/7 helpline and strategically positioned laboratories enable us to be on site within hours of your call. So if you have an emergency situation, get in touch, we are quick to respond.

We allow 90 minutes for a standard reassurance air test.

This allows enough time to:

  • Discuss the site with a representative to establish the history and requirements.
  • Assess the number of pumps required to produce an accurate report.
  • Run the pumps for 40 minutes.
  • Count the slides on completion of the air tests.
  • Type up and issue a printed report.

Four stage clearances and visual inspections can very in their duration (subject to the size of the area you need tested).

Please contact us to discuss your site and our management team can confirm how long the test is likely to take.

As with reassurance testing, within minutes of completing a four stage clearance or visual inspection we issue a typed, easy to understand report.

Following a quality check by our on-site consultant, we email a digital copy of all reports. We do this almost immediately. It simply requires an internet connection to enable a DTS transfer.

How much will your test cost?

Tailored air monitoring and testing solutions to suit you and your site

Every site presents a different scenario. No two air tests are the same. To ensure that we offer the most cost efficient solution, we cost all jobs on a site by site basis.

We base the cost on the number of man hours required on site and the number of pumps needed. These two variables are dependent upon:

  • The size of the area to be inspected.
  • The type of area - some areas such as boiler rooms can require longer on site.
  • The type of asbestos being removed.
  • The required test.
  • The location of the site.

For ongoing contracts we can provide half and full day rates.

Do you have a question?

Understanding your asbestos air testing needs can be difficult. If you need further information or have a query that we haven’t answered, please get in touch. We have a team of experts, including Dr Tim Hamilton, who can provide you with accurate, trusted advice.

Book your test…

Please contact us to get your same day quote and book a convenient time and date for your test.

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