Your Legionella risk assessment has recommended cleaning and disinfection of your water system. Do you need to get this implemented? Has your Legionella testing delivered problematic results? Do you need to put in place appropriate corrective action? Our experienced team can help.

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Our team of P901 qualified consultants and MD, Dr Tim Hamilton, who holds a PhD in microbiology will:

  • Discuss your individual situation and assess your needs.
  • Recommend the best approach for reducing the Legionella bacteria levels within your system.
  • Project manage any required cleaning and disinfection processes. We will appoint qualified, experienced personnel to complete the works. We will also review the proposed method statements for any planned remediation activities.
  • Log any remediation works completed within our customer portal (for customers with access). This provides you with all the required records in the event of a HSE inspection.
  • Arrange sampling and Legionella testing on completion of the works. This ensures your ongoing compliance.

“Before we put in place any remediation measures, we assess your needs. We develop a true understanding of your water system and Legionella bacteria issues. This has enabled us to provide effective Legionella solutions for over ten years.” Dr Tim Hamilton, Legionella Expert and MD of Scientific Services.

We provide these services to clients throughout Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset.

About your Legionella remediation

Project managed - Removing Legionella bacteria - Complete data logs - Ongoing support

There are many ways of removing Legionella bacteria and to prevent it occurring in the first place. It may be that you need to adjust your water system’s design, for example, by removing a dead leg.

In other cases professional cleaning and disinfection is the most appropriate solution.

There are two commonly adopted approaches for disinfecting water services.

  • Thermal disinfection. We would increase your hot water system temperature. Legionella bacteria cannot survive in higher temperatures. Next, we would draw the hotter water through to every outlet. Slow flow rate flushing is then completed for a predetermined period of time.
  • Chemical disinfection. We would complete this by adding an effective agent such as chlorine to your water system. We would then draw this through to every outlet. Closing each outlet to allow it to remain in contact for a suitable period of time.

Legionella removal disinfection kit and testing strips

For more complex water systems you should get a site specific method statement. We appoint a consultant to provide a method statement for your works. We review it for suitability. If necessary, we can recommend any needed adjustments.

Once we approve the method statement, we can then project manage the on-site works. This removes the hassle from the process, enabling you to focus on your business. It also ensures that your remediation works are effective.

On completion of your disinfection project, one of our P901 qualified consultants will attend site. They will collect water samples and arrange for them to be tested for Legionella. If needed we will assess other indicative bacteria levels.

Only when you get satisfactory results can you consider the system safe. We will process the results and confirm this for you.

If you need further disinfection works, we will include this within your original quotation. This provides you with complete peace of mind; from both a financial and safety perspective.

Customer Portal

If you have appointed us to complete your Legionella risk assessment, you will have access to our portal. We will record details of all remediation works completed on this system. Should you ever have to provide evidence of how you have managed the risk of Legionella bacteria, it will provide you with complete records.

How long will your Legionella treatment take?

Mobile laboratories throughout the South West provide fast responses.

We have mobile laboratories and certified practitioners throughout Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. This enables us to get to your site quickly in the event of a Legionella bacteria issue.

The time needed on site to complete your works will be dependent upon many variables. This will include the size of your water system, its complexity and the identified problem.

Please get in touch to discuss your situation. We will be able to provide a lead-time for your bespoke solution. Our team will then project manage the process to ensure we complete it on time and in budget.

About your consultants

BOHS P901 qualified - Microbiology experts - City & Guild qualified - Safe

Our in-house team of P901 Legionella consultants are experts in their field. We invest in their continual development to ensure that we provide the best solutions for you. Our MD, Dr Tim Hamilton, holds a PhD in Microbiology and has over eighteen years’ experience in managing Legionella bacteria. If we manage your Legionella remediation project, you get results and have peace of mind.

We have access to a network of City & Guild certified professionals. They are experienced and provide tried and tested disinfection services. They will rectify your Legionella bacteria risks, on time and on budget. They will adopt safe, best-practice techniques.

How much does remediation cost? 

Site specific solutions - Site specific costs - Best value

Every site is unique in location, it’s water system size and the problems it presents. We will assess a range of variables including these. Then we will provide a fixed, bespoke quotation for your works.

Do you have a question?

How best to solve Legionella bacteria issues is site dependent. We have tried to answer questions that you may have. If there is anything that we have missed, or you would like more information, then please get in touch. Our expert team are on hand to help.

How to book…

Please contact us to your quotation and get your Legionella removal programme implemented.

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