Do you have a site with suspicious materials? Are you are looking to arrange asbestos testing? Based in Cornwall, our UKAS accredited, sampling and asbestos testing services are fast and accurate. They will inform your next steps.

Asbestos analyst looking into a microscope


You might be a domestic customer with one site that requires testing. You may represent a company, housing association or council, and be looking to appoint an independent, unbiased laboratory to complete testing on your samples.

Regardless of your situation, legally, you must appoint a UKAS accredited laboratory to complete asbestos testing. There is no other way of determining accurately whether a material contains asbestos.

Our team of P401 and P402 qualified analysts can help and will:

  • Collect samples in line with HSE guidance and our UKAS: 17025 accredited bulk sampling procedures.
  • Conduct UKAS accredited asbestos tests in line with ISO: 17025 standards.
  • Offer a range of lead times for results. Processing urgent samples on the day of submission to our laboratory. Sometimes within an hour, subject to available resource.
  • Provide clear, easy to understand reports. Your report will confirm the material type and asbestos content for all samples tested.
  • Set up customer portal access, so that you have a secure place to store test reports.
  • Offer extra advice and support once you have received your results.

“We are an experienced laboratory. We accurately test in the region of 20,000 asbestos samples a year. Quality is at the forefront of everything that we do. It’s our customer focused approach that makes our service different.” Dr Tim Hamilton, Asbestos Expert and MD of Scientific Services.

We provide asbestos sampling services throughout Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. Whilst we deliver our testing services to clients throughout the U.K.

About your asbestos sampling 

UKAS accredited - Compliant with ISO: 17025 standards - BOHS P402 qualified surveyors - Reliable

It may be that you don’t need a full survey and only have specific materials that you need tested. We can provide guidance for collecting your own samples. If you would prefer to appoint us, we can attend your site. One of our P402 qualified surveyors will sample the materials as required. They will do this safely and will follow the guidelines in HSG 248. They will minimise fibre release and encapsulate sample points to ensure your safety.

About your asbestos testing

UKAS accredited - Compliant with ISO: 17025 standards - Accurate results - Clear reports

Our testing services are UKAS accredited and completed to ISO: 17025 standards.

Asbestos analyst looking down a microscope testing a sampleWe are annually assessed by UKAS. They examine our test methods, high quality equipment, procedures and training processes. Individual analysts also undergo competency tests to prove their expertise. This ensures that we strive to maintain excellent standards. Making sure that we continue to provide you with accurate results, that you can rely on.

All samples received for testing go through a prescribed system. We process them through our laboratory database called TEAMS.

Sample receipt

Samples need to meet certain criteria to ensure that they are suitable for testing. They need to be the correct size, suitably packaged and labelled. If there are any issues that may compromise the accuracy of your results or cause concern from a safety perspective, then we will discuss this with you.

Booking in  

Your samples are booked into TEAMS. A widely adopted testing and consultancy database.

All samples are booked in following strict procedures. We ensure that all required data appears on your reports. Including: site reference codes, sample references, sample descriptions and site addresses.

We offer an exchange facility for asbestos surveying companies who use TEAMS to process their surveys. This enables you to book your samples in exactly as you want. Once analysed, your results then automatically transfer back into your reporting system. This reduces administration, whilst improving the accuracy of your reports.

Sample testing

Sample analysis is undertaken using high quality, calibrated equipment. Our analysts use stereo-microscopy, polarised light microscopy and dispersion staining. These techniques are best practice and HSG 248 compliant. They are the industry standard. Together they ensure that we provide consistent, accurate results, you can trust.

We also carry out internal quality control checks. A proportion of all analysts’ samples are re-analysed. This process of double checking results provides further assurance of our results’ accuracy.

Test reports

We provide easily understood, UKAS certified reports. Each report confirms the material type and asbestos types present within your samples. This is crucial information and informs your next steps. It affects how you need to manage the materials and approach removals projects.

We provide our asbestos test reports electronically as a pdf document via email.

Sample retention

We shall store all samples analysed for a period of six months from the report issue date. Any records, communications and reports linked to your analysis will also be held on file for a minimum of five years.

Portal access

We upload your test reports to our customer portal. This files every report that you commission and makes sure that you never misplace a test report again. The portal is operational 24/7; you will always be able to access your reports when you need to.

Ongoing advice

You may need advice once you have your results. If you do, our team of experienced asbestos analysts and MD, Dr Tim Hamilton can help. We can confirm what you need to do next and this impartial advice provides you with complete peace of mind.

Density testing

You may need density testing to confirm if your sample is asbestos cement or asbestos insulation board. If needed our laboratory can complete this test to ISO: 9001 standards.

“Always helpful and we receive results on or before requested date.” Kevin Wild, 777 Environmental Ltd.

About your asbestos analysts

BOHS P401 qualified - Experienced - Consistent - Efficient


We train our analysts in-house. All have undertaken two years of rigorous training and evaluation. Part of that training involves them passing the P401 exam. Their exam is the start of the process, once qualified, they work side by side with an experienced analyst. When they demonstrate complete competence our quality management team sign them off. This ensures that we deliver consistent and accurate results to you.


Some of our analysts have over ten years experience in completing asbestos tests. Even the most obscure, unusual samples are unlikely to present a challenge. Many of our analysts are also P402 qualified, experienced surveyors. This enhances their understanding of sample types. It informs their analysis and assists in delivering reports you can trust.

Quarterly assessments

Our analysts take part in the Asbestos in Materials Scheme (AIMS). An external scheme run by the health and safety laboratory. This assesses the performance of laboratories who identify asbestos in bulks materials. We have held the top score of ‘Good’ for thirteen years. This evidences our ability to produce consistent, correct results. A prerequisite for managing asbestos effectively.

Ability to provide advice

Our team of analysts are able to provide advice following the receipt of your results. Should your case be unusual, our MD, Dr Tim Hamilton is CoCa qualified, holding a BOHS S301 qualification. This, with his wealth of experience, means that he will be able to provide any guidance that you need. We can assist in managing asbestos at your site or arrange for its removal if needed.

How long does an asbestos test take?

Lead times to suit you - Express service available - Priority samples established

Asbestos sampling 

We have P402 qualified asbestos surveyors based throughout Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. This means that subject to your location and our availability, we can often reach your site the day following your enquiry.

Asbestos tests

We offer a range of turnaround options for results. We understand that sometimes you will need results urgently. Whereas you may not need the results for other batches so quickly. These may benefit from a longer lead time and lower fee.

Our standard lead times are detailed below:

  • Same day (results within the hour available with prior agreement)
  • 1 day (24 hours)
  • 3 day (72 hours)

If you need a bespoke turnaround option then please do contact us. We are keen to work with you to make sure that we provide the testing service that you need.

Establishing your priorities

We have a good reputation for returning results within contractual agreements. On occasions, like all labs, we do experience exceptionally busy days. In instances such as this, we will establish your priority samples. Then ensure that we return the results that you do need, that day.

It is this customer focused approach that sets us apart from our competitors. We ensure that you can complete your projects on time.

How much is sampling and an asbestos test?

Unique pricing to suit your needs

Sampling survey costs vary and are subject to many variables. Examples include: your site’s location, the number of samples needed and whether the work can be completed during normal working hours.

The price you pay for an asbestos test is dependent upon the turnaround that you need. Fast results command higher rates than those with longer lead times.

Discounts are available for individuals or companies that plan to submit high volumes of samples on a regular basis.

Do you have any questions?

We hope that we have answered most of your questions. If there is anything that we haven’t covered and you want more information, then please contact us. Our team of experienced analysts and MD, Dr Tim Hamilton are on hand to help.

How to arrange your asbestos sampling

Call us to discuss your needs, get a quotation and then agree a convenient time for your survey to take place.

How to arrange your asbestos testing

Call us to get your bespoke quotation. Then you can submit samples to our laboratory. You can either post them to us or if you are nearby, please drop in to hand deliver them. 

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