Your site has asbestos that needs to be removed. It might be that your survey has recommended removal. You may have a project planned that will disturb asbestos or someone may have disturbed it. What needs to happen next? This depends on whether your asbestos containing material is a licensed or non licensed product.

Asbestos consultant completing air testing at a site


Our MD, Dr Tim Hamilton and his team of asbestos consultants can make sure that you take the correct action. You have a legal responsibility to get this right and we will:

  • Assess your situation. Ensuring that we understand the material types and asbestos present at your site.
  • Appoint an appropriate contractor to remove your asbestos.
  • Examine the appointed contractor’s risk assessments and method statements for suitability.
  • Oversee and manage on-site works.
  • On completion, we will assess and sign off any removal works completed. Appointed by you, we will be working for you to identify any issues.

“Scientific Services removes all the headache from appointing a contractor. We know whether they have the required experience and know-how to complete your project. We draw upon a list of approved suppliers and find the best price and offering for your individual situation.” Dr Tim Hamilton, Asbestos Expert and MD of Scientific Services.

We provide asbestos remediation services across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset.

About your asbestos removal project

Project managed - Promoting your safety - Protecting you legally

Our project management services are ISO: 9001 accredited and will ensure that your contractors work in line with legal requirements. You will have complete peace of mind that your project is safe. We also understand that you need your projects completed on time and on budget. We have a clear focus on achieving this for you.

Asbestos consultant with tablet and van

Our team can provide the following services:

Appointment of removals contractor

  • We write project specification documentation. We then invite approved suppliers to tender for the work outlined.
  • We review the tenders submitted and then score them according to many variables. Such as proposed timescales, price, experience and track record. We confirm which contractor offers the best proposal in a clear, transparent format.
  • Following your approval we then instruct the chosen contractor to complete the works.

Assess risk assessments and method statements (RAMS)

  • We will check their RAMS for completeness. Ensuring that they have made appropriate risk assessments.
  • We assess the proposed timescales; as an industry these are often underestimated.
  • We check that the correct equipment will be available on site. Promoting correct, safe working practices.

Managing and supervising onsite works

  • We can witness smoke tests to ensure the integrity of enclosures.
  • Complete a site audit. An audit is a comprehensive review of the contractor’s practices. It ensures safety and best practice and will assess many variables, including:
    • the general site set up
    • equipment on site
    • training and health and safety certification of operatives
    • the enclosure, air lock and negative pressure unit calculations
    • any scaffolding if applicable
    • waste arrangements
    • hygiene facilities
    • working practices
  • We will ensure that the site supervisors don’t change the plan of work without your agreement. This removes the potential for unexpected outcomes, such as unwanted asbestos remaining in situ.
  • Complete UKAS accredited personal monitoring and leak testing during the works. This promotes the safety of stakeholders.
  • Complete UKAS accredited visual inspections, air tests and/or four stage clearances. You can be sure to receive an independent, thorough assessment. We will be working for you. Ensuring that your contractors complete the removal to the highest possible standard.

Post removal project services

  • We can update your asbestos register following the works.
  • We conduct thorough site handovers on completion of your removals project. This includes the provision of audit paperwork, air test reports and/or certificates of reoccupation.

Choosing the correct type of removal project

Projects fall into one of two categories: non-licensed and licensed. Scientific Services will confirm what yours is.


As the name suggests, non-licensed materials can be removed by non-licensed contractors. However, suitably experienced and qualified personnel should complete the works.

Examples of non-licensed materials include: asbestos cement, vinyl floor tiles and artex.


Licensed products present a higher risk. For this reason you need to appoint licensed contractors to remove them. Following their removal you must arrange a UKAS accredited four stage clearance.

Examples of licensed products include: asbestos insulation board, sprayed coatings and pipe lagging.

“Scientific Services are knowledgeable and professional. Our partnering has enabled us to manage asbestos and Legionella with confidence at our Leisure Centre. Their customer portal is an invaluable resource and the training they have provided, has enabled us to use it to its full potential.” Alex Clifton, Chief Executive Officer, Carn Brea Leisure Centre.

About your asbestos contractor and consultant

CoCa qualified - Experienced - Safe - Knowledgeable

Our MD, Dr Tim Hamilton holds a certificate of competence in asbestos (CoCa). He is our chief removals project manager. He will personally oversee your project. Our P403 and P404 qualified consultants will manage your on site works. They have combined asbestos experience of over 30 years. 

This provides the knowledge and skills we need to manage your project. We will bring your project to completion in line with regulatory requirements. Whilst ensuring it is on time and in budget.

We have access to a range of licensed and non-licensed removal companies. We will invite them to tender for your project. As approved suppliers, the removals companies that we work with have demonstrated competence. They have gone through our stringent supplier approval process. You’re assured that they have all the required experience, qualifications and licences.

How long will your removal project take?

Tailored lead times - Projects completed on time

Scientific Services will act on your enquiry as soon as we hear from you. We may need to attend site to assess your needs. We have mobile laboratories and asbestos consultants located throughout the South West. This can enable us to meet you at site the next working day if this is convenient.

Once we have written your specification, we allow our approved suppliers 14 days to respond.

We need a further day to review the tender applications and put together a proposal for you.

For licensed removal projects there is a 14 day notification period. Your appointed contractor will need to contact the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). They will confirm details of their proposed works and the dates for completion.

Once the HSE approves your project - works can begin.

The time that the project takes from this point will be subject to many variables. Examples include: the size of the area, the material that you want removed and the hours that work can take place.

Time frames, as agreed at the beginning of your project, will be carefully managed by us.

How much will it cost to remove your asbestos?

Bespoke quotations for each unique removal project.

We provide individual, tailored quotations for each enquiry. No two projects present the same challenges. We prefer to attend site to gain a detailed understanding of your needs. This ensures that our quotations are accurate.

Our tendering process will provide you with the best price and quality offering, but this will be dependent upon many factors, including:

  • the location of your site;
  • the size of the area that needs asbestos remediation;
  • the asbestos type; and
  • whether the contractor can complete the works during normal working hours.

Any questions?

We have tried to answer any questions that you may have. If there is anything that we have missed or you need further information, then please contact us. Our team of asbestos experts are ready to help.

How to book…

Please contact us to start the process of commissioning your project.

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