Are you planning to renovate or demolish your pre 1919 property? You may potentially disturb spores that can lead to Anthrax disease. You have a legal duty to minimise the risks of Bacillus anthracis exposure. The first step in meeting this duty is to identify and assess the risks at your site.

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‘The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002’ and ‘The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007’ stipulate your legal duty is to minimise health and safety risks by implementing control measures.

Our anthrax surveying and testing services can help. We will assess the risks present at your site. Our team of BOHS qualified surveyors will:

  • Attend site and locate any materials that might contain spores.
  • Sample any suspect materials.
  • Arrange for the samples to be tested at a UKAS accredited laboratory.
  • Provide you with a clear test report that’s easy to understand.
  • Be available to discuss your results and provide advice about your next steps.

“I oversee all anthrax surveying and testing jobs. I ensure that we sample what we need to promote the safety of our Clients.” Dr Tim Hamilton, MD of Scientific Services.

We provide our anthrax testing and consultancy services throughout the U.K.

About your anthrax testing

Reliable surveys - Accurate test results - On-going advice

Scientific Services’ anthrax consultancy services meet ISO: 9001 standards. Our appointed testing laboratory is also UKAS accredited. This ensures you receive accurate results that you can trust.

Anthrax surveys

Bacillus anthracis is a bacterium that produces spores. These spores can survive for decades and are present in a high number of buildings throughout the UK. It was once common practice to strengthen lime plaster with animal hair. If the hair used was infected, then the plaster will contain spores. If you ingest, inhale or touch the bacterium you can develop anthrax disease.

Our BOHS qualified surveyors will attend your site and complete a full survey. We will thoroughly assess your site in line with regulatory requirements. We will ensure that any suspect materials are sampled.

Each surveyor is:
  • BOHS qualified.
  • Knowledgeable and when collecting samples will adopt techniques that will minimise spore release.
  • Experienced and will encapsulate and label sampling points as deemed necessary.
  • Equipped with specialist equipment and personal protective clothing.
  • Agile enough to access hard to reach places.

You may want to collect a sample of plaster or soil yourself. We can provide you with sampling and transportation procedures. This will help to protect you and others whom may come into contact with your samples.

Surveyor with a tablet collecting a sample for anthrax testing

Sample testing

Our appointed laboratory uses DNA and culture-based methods to test for Bacillus anthracis. We can arrange for the completion of these tests for samples of soil and plaster.

The testing laboratory is UKAS accredited and we have a stringent supplier approval process. This ensures their on-going suitability to complete your testing. Working with them for over a decade we have a strong, long-term relationship. This coupled with our service level agreements means we get results on time. We can ensure that we deliver your results within agreed time frames.

Test reports

We issue clear test reports that are easy to understand. Before release, all reports undergo our quality checking process. We will check your results. We will also ensure that your site information and references are correct. We stop inaccurate information delaying your projects.

We email electronic copies of all anthrax test reports in a PDF format.

Ongoing advice

If you need further advice following the receipt of your results, we are on-hand to help. We can:

  • Clarify what your results mean for you.
  • Recommend suitable control measures.
  • Manage control measures at your site. This will enable you to focus on your general day to day responsibilities.

How long does anthrax testing take?

Results delivered within agreed time frames

We have BOHS qualified surveyors throughout the South West. Subject to our availability and your location, we can complete your survey the day following your enquiry. The time required on site is subject to the size of the building or area to be surveyed.

Once the samples have reached us, we allow 15 days to turn the tests around and obtain your results. This provides a clear time frame and assists in planning your projects.

How much do anthrax surveys and testing cost?

Bespoke sites - Specific needs - Tailored quotations

Anthrax survey costs

The cost of your survey is dependent upon many variables including:

  • The location of your site.
  • The size of your property.
  • When the survey can be completed.

Anthrax testing costs

The price is fixed, please call us to get your quotation.

Do you have a question?

If you have a question that we haven’t answered, please get in touch. Our team of experienced surveyors and our MD, who holds a PhD in Microbiology will be able to provide any advice that you need.

Arrange your testing…

Please call us to get your quotation. Then we can book your survey or arrange for you to submit your samples.

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