Our asbestos expert witness services can help you to recover the costs of poor asbestos removal projects or surveys. Alternatively, if you're seeking criminal defence, then we can support you.

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Our experienced, BOHS qualified asbestos consultants deliver asbestos expert witness services. With specialisms in a range of scenarios, we can help where you:

  • Are looking to claim costs incurred due to inadequate asbestos removal services. These might include excessive remedial costs or costs associated with repeating the works.
  • Are looking to claim for lost revenue from not being able to occupy a building.
  • Need to recover costs associated with an inadequate survey.
  • May be seeking criminal defence against an alleged, insufficient removal project or survey.

“Our team understand the strict guidelines within the UK’s legal system that govern the expert witness role. Together, we can provide full asbestos expert witness services and complete investigations on your behalf. We can also fulfill an advisory role when enforcing authorities issue prohibition orders and improvement notices.” Dr Tim Hamilton, MD of Scientific Services.

We provide these services throughout the UK.

About your asbestos expert witness service

We have extensive knowledge of asbestos, its uses and the legislation surrounding its management. We also understand your legal duties under CAR 2012. This knowledge makes our expert witness services dependable, trusted and respected. Our ISO: 9001 acceditation provides you with peace of mind that you will receive a quality service.

We adopt a holistic approach and assess each case with a clear, open mind; ensuring that we establish all evidence and relevant facts.

Our full service involves several stages:

Evidence review and collation

We will examine all applicable documents which may include:

  • witness statements
  • plans of work
  • method statements
  • test methods
  • analytical reports
  • medical papers
  • performance history of the contractors involved
  • insurance documentation
  • evidence of fraudulent activity
  • calibration records

If needed, we complete site inspections and conduct interviews with stakeholders for clarification.

Produce report

We will produce a report that will summarise the sequence of events. The report will provide our opinion matched against current guidelines and legislation. It will also advise of your legal duties.

You’ll receive a digital copy of your report via email.

Attend court

If your case requires it, our asbestos consultants can attend court and provide statements of evidence to support your case.

Asbestos Consultant assessing a slide as part of an expert witness investigation

About your consultants

Experienced - BOHS qualified - CoCA qualified - Industry experts

We have over 18 years experience in asbestos consultancy. Our team comprises of highly experienced asbestos consultants. They are supported by our MD, Dr Tim Hamilton, who holds a Certificate of Competence in Asbestos (CoCA). This industry recognised qualification demonstrates his knowledge and experience in the field.

Tim also holds a PhD in Microbiology and his scientific background help to give our reports credibility and standing.

How long does it take and how much will it cost?

Bespoke cases require tailored time frames and project specific quotations.

We will assess all enquiries for our services on a case by case basis. Dr Tim Hamilton, our Managing Director, will discuss your situation in detail. He will establish a thorough understanding of your needs.

Our quotation will confirm the costs associated with your project. It will define exactly what the fee includes. We will also provide a clear time schedule for the works required. The time needed and price, will be subject to many factors, such as the complexity of your case and location.


If you have a question that we haven’t answered, please call us. Our team of asbestos consultants are on hand to help. With their combined experience of over forty years, they can provide advice on the best way forward for you.

How to arrange…

Please contact us to complete your initial assessment and arrange your quotation.

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