Do you have an asbestos, food or environmental microbiology laboratory and need an independent audit? Our audits are tailored to meet your needs. We can help you to implement changes and achieve your goals.

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Our consultants have a breadth of understanding of a wide range of scientific fields. Each with their own specialism. They are experts in completing audits of microbiology and asbestos laboratories.

When completing your audit they will:

  • Analyse your capabilities.
  • Assess your laboratory systems against ISO: 17025 accreditations.
  • Check specific laboratory methods against EU guidelines and other key criteria.
  • Provide you with a clear, easy to understand report that summarises what you need to do next.
  • Be on hand to provide advice on implementing any changes.

“I sign off every laboratory audit. I have extensive experience and knowledge of industry regulations. This ensures that your report provides all the detailed information that you need.” Dr Tim Hamilton, Managing Director of Scientific Services.

We provide these services to clients throughout the UK.

About your laboratory auditing service

Independent - Thorough assessment - Includes improvement recommendations

Scientific Services laboratory auditing services are ISO: 9001 accredited. Our certification ensures that we deliver quality services.


We will provide an independent assessment of your capabilities and laboratory systems. We adopt a consultative, holistic approach and will check many things, including:

  • test methods
  • supplier listings and approval process
  • internal quality control procedures
  • employee training records
  • laboratory proficiency scheme results
  • incoming goods certification process
  • complaints and non-conformance procedures
  • contract review systems
  • calibration records
  • administration procedures

We will assess each of these elements against any relevant ISO: 17025 standards, EU guidelines and other criteria.

We can get most of the information needed using electronic forms and email. If needed, we will attend your site to witness testing activities.

Scientist completing a test for laboratory auditing evaluation.


Our consultants are qualified up to PhD level. They all hold industry recognised BOHS qualifications. This, coupled with their extensive laboratory management experience and commercial awareness, means that they deliver practical solutions, with tangible benefits.


We will produce a report that includes the information you need. We tailor its contents to your reason for commissioning the report. However, all reports highlight your strengths and identify areas for improvement. The summary is easy to understand and will outline your next steps.

You’ll receive a digital copy of your report via email.

How long will your audit take and how much will it cost?

Unique laboratories need bespoke audits

No two laboratories are the same. They will differ in size, location and testing capabilities. Every audit needed, will be different. Our MD, Dr Tim Hamilton will discuss your situation in depth. He will provide a tailored quotation for each audit enquiry.

The lead times for the work will be clearly outlined within your quotation.

Do you have a question?

We have been providing these services to laboratories since 2002. If you have a question, contact us for trusted, dependable advice.

How to book your audit…

Please contact us to arrange your quotation and book a convenient time for your audit to commence.

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