If you have a property built before 2000 and you suspect that your property has asbestos inside it. Then you need to take action. Our asbestos surveys are the easiest, quickest and safest way to get started.

Asbestos surveyor at work


Our team of BOHS P402 qualified and experienced surveyors will:

  • Locate any materials that may contain asbestos.
  • Tell you the risk level the asbestos presents.
  • Provide you with an easy to read report that details the findings and next steps.
  • Be on-hand to answer your questions.
  • Give you advice on what to do next.

“In every case I will discuss the project with you. I have been helping our clients navigate the complex dangers of asbestos since 2002.” Dr Tim Hamilton, Asbestos Expert and MD of Scientific Services.

We provide surveys in domestic, commercial and industrial properties across Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

About your asbestos survey

Easy to understand - Pinpoints the risk - Provides you with next steps

A Scientific Services survey will help you pinpoint any asbestos risk. To judge the risk we take an holistic approach, examining variables including:

  • Type of asbestos: There are six types of asbestos, e.g. chrysotile and amosite. All are carcinogenic but some are easier to manage.
  • Type of building material: E.g. The risk associated with asbestos cement is considered to be much lower than asbestos insulation. Because the fibres are tightly bound within the material’s matrix.
  • Condition of the component: E.g. a damaged building component exposing asbestos fibres presents a high risk.
  • Location of the asbestos: The asbestos may or may not pose a risk to occupants. For example: a locked room with contamination is not a risk in a building with no occupant.
  • Type of activity: E.g. a sports hall with asbestos insulation board ceiling panels would present a high risk. If children kick a ball around it could damage the panels and expose fibres.
  • Intention: If asbestos is present and the area is to be refurbished by tradespeople then there is a high risk (see refurbishment survey).

Surveyor completing asbestos surveys with mobile laboratorySurvey Report

You’ll receive a digital copy of your report via email and it will be uploaded to your customer portal.

Portal Access

When you become a customer of Scientific Services you get access to our secure portal. We store all your documentation there. Ensuring that all your reports are in one place. It’s a great tool that supports due diligence if any HSE inspector investigates you.

“Scientific Services reports are easy to understand. I was able to see the risks and what I should do next. Tim was on-hand to clarify any points. His helpful approach meant we were able to create a roadmap for moving forward.” Paul Berry.

Choosing the right survey type

There are three main types of survey. But they vary in size, complexity and their purpose. We will guide you so that you know which one to select.

One way to decide which will best meet your needs, is to ask why you require a survey.

Asbestos Management Survey

Required when:

  • There are no planned modifications to the building.
  • You need to find out where asbestos is and create a management plan.
  • You need to safeguard the existing occupants whilst they do their normal activities.

A management survey is a relatively non-invasive survey. Your surveyor will examine everything that you can see, i.e. that doesn’t need removing to examine. For example, this includes: walls, ceilings, floors and accessible voids.

If a management survey doesn’t find asbestos containing materials. It should not be assumed that the building is completely asbestos free. Asbestos may be concealed within the building. A demolition or refurbishment survey would confirm this.

Asbestos Refurbishment or Demolition Survey

Required when:

  • You plan to complete works that will affect the fabric, fixtures and fittings of the building.
  • You’re planning to knock down or alter the structure of the building.
  • You need to protect yourself and the tradespeople involved.

Refurbishment and demolition surveys are invasive surveys. Your surveyor will examine everything within a predetermined area. This may be within a couple of rooms if works are planned within one section of a building. Alternatively, if a building is to be demolished the entire premises would be surveyed. A deep examination of the total structure of the building will be undertaken, e.g. behind walls.

Demolition and refurbishment surveys will damage the fabric of the building to give sampling access.

Asbestos Reinspection Survey

Required when:

  • You have already had an initial management survey completed at your site. Under Regulation 4 the ‘Duty to Manage’, you are required to regularly inspect any identified asbestos containing materials. Any changes need to be recorded and your records updated.

Reinspection surveys should be completed annually and will include a review of your current asbestos register. Whilst on site, your surveyor will re-inspect your site and update any records as needed. They will also assess your asbestos management plan. If deemed necessary, our team can manage any identified remedial works.

About your surveyor

BOHS P402 Qualified - Experienced - Knowledgeable - Safe

Your surveyor will be hand-selected by our Managing Director Dr Tim Hamilton. This means that you receive the most appropriate surveyor for your property.

Our surveyors are all employees of Scientific Services. Each surveyor has had considerable training and investment. This ensures that your survey is accurate, minimises the risks during the survey and is fast.

Each surveyor is:

  • Qualified with BOHS P402.
  • Experienced in surveying.
  • Armed with protective clothing  and specialist equipment.
  • Agile enough to access hard to reach samples, for example, in voids or high ceilings.

They are all knowledgeable with specialist expertise in:

  • Fast identification of problem areas.
  • Strategies for minimising exposure to fibres whilst sampling.
  • Able to assess risk by looking at all variables related to managing asbestos at your property.
  • Knowledge of buildings and their construction - both old and new.
  • Knowledgeable of the law that encompasses management of asbestos.
  • Knowledge of the different types of asbestos and their danger.
  • Ability to plan for worst case scenarios, for example, ceiling collapse during sampling.
  • Laboratory testing experience.
  • Multi-skilled in asbestos related services, e.g. air testing.

Additionally, each surveyor benefits from a direct hotline to our in-house expertise. This is especially useful if your property presents a challenge when taking samples. The surveyor can draw on a wider knowledge to ensure they take the most appropriate action.

How long does a survey take?

In-house laboratory provides fast turnarounds on sample analysis

Scientific Services is fast to respond to your survey needs. Our in-house laboratory gives us competitive turnaround times. Often the lab team are able to start analysing samples the same day as the survey.

Each job is project managed; we give a clear time frame that we will work towards.

As an example. When the job employs a single surveyor for one day, we would be working to the following schedule:

Day 1: collect samples on site,
Day 2: analyse in the lab,
Day 3: write and deliver the report by email.

If you need next day results, please let us know when you are booking your survey. This will depend on our current workload.

How much will my survey cost?

Tailored surveys meeting your exact needs

We tailor each survey to your requirements to ensure you get best value. Dr Tim Hamilton, our managing director and resident expert, will discuss your project with you when you enquire.

We cost each job according to the number of man hours needed on site, the site’s location and the number of samples that will be collected.

Do you have a question?

We hope we have answered the majority of your questions. If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ve worked with asbestos since 2002. This enables us to provide you with best practice advice for your projects.

Book your survey…

Please contact us to begin your survey.

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