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Asbestos & Holiday Home Renovations

If you plan renovations at your holiday home, then a targeted asbestos refurbishment survey is recommended ahead of the works.

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Types of Asbestos

Common asbestos types: chrysotile, amosite and crocidilite. Read about their characteristics, uses and the danger of asbestos exposure.

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Do I Need an Asbestos Survey?

Find out if your commercial or domestic property needs to have a survey. Meet your legal duty and protect from asbestos exposure.

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Do You Need an Asbestos Survey Before Buying a New Home?

Informing your purchase decision. An asbestos management survey will identify asbestos containing materials, assign a risk rating and inform quotations for its removal if necessary.

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What is a BOHS P402 Qualification?

A BOHS P402 is an internationally recognised asbestos surveying qualification.

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Where Can You Find Asbestos?

In any building built or refurbished before 2000. Asbestos was used widely in many construction materials.