In recent years many people have realised their dream and purchased a holiday home in Cornwall. With its stunning, varied coastline offering amazing surfing opportunities on the North Coast and the more sheltered South Coast providing a haven for sailing, it is clear to see why Cornwall is the destination of choice for many.

Whether the property purchased is solely for the owner’s personal retreat or an investment opportunity, most people look to update and modernise their holiday home to better suit their needs.

Holiday homes in St. Ives, Cornwall and the harbour

Managing Asbestos in Your Holiday Home

Do you need an asbestos survey?

There is no legal requirement for landlords of holiday homes to complete an asbestos survey. Although, communal areas of flats, such as staircases and lifts are covered by the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012’s duty to manage. For these areas an up-to-date asbestos management survey should be in place.

Despite this, if renovations are planned, then it is recommended to complete a targeted asbestos refurbishment survey ahead of the works. This survey type will identify potential asbestos containing materials within your property. An intrusive survey, it will protect tradespeople throughout your project and help to ensure that you meet your duties under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015.

What if asbestos is identified at your holiday home?

If asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) are identified within your survey report and they are likely to be disturbed during your refurbishment works, then they will need to be removed.

Depending upon the material types identifed, your project will fall into one of two catagories:

  1. Licensed asbestos removal - includes removal of materials such as asbestos insulation or boarding.
  2. Non-licensed asbestos removal - includes removal of materials such as vinyl floor tiles, artex and cement.

A licensed asbestos removal contractor would need to be appointed to complete licensed asbestos removal works. A project of this nature incurs a fourteen day notification period. Your appointed removal contractor will need to inform the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the planned works.

Non-licensed projects can be completed by non-licensed contractors, but the works should be completed by a suitably experienced and qualified team.

Consultancies such as Scientific Services can provide a complete asbestos removal project management service, which many holiday home owners find beneficial. Often based remotely from site and unable to oversee the works for themselves, this service provides direct on-site supervision and peace of mind.

Benefits of identifying asbestos at your holiday home:

  • Correctly identifying asbestos ahead of refurbishment projects protects people from potential asbestos risks.
  • It prevents costly delays to works, which can lead to holiday homeowners missing the important, profitable summer months, where premium rents can be enjoyed.
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