Scientific Services has successfully completed rounds 113 - 116 of the Regular Interlaboratory Counting Exchange (RICE). We have been awarded a ‘Good’ rating (the best possible score). A score that our asbestos analysts have maintained since 2007.

The RICE scheme is operated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). It assesses the proficiency of laboratories counting asbestos fibres in air. Participation in the scheme is a requirement of our UKAS accreditation ISO: 17025 and is also a recommendation in HSG 248, “Asbestos: The analyst’s guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures.

Currently there are three distributions of asbestos fibres mounted on microscope slides per year. Each distribution is a round robin. Batches of reference slides are circulated between groups of laboratories. Once results are submitted a provisional report and certification report are provided.

The counts submitted by each participating laboratory are compared to reference values for each slide and categorised as either A, B or C. After four rounds have been completed, if 75% or more of the counts are in the categories A or B the laboratory is considered to be ‘satisfactory’.

Our ‘Good’ rating reflects the high accuracy of our test results and the experience of our asbestos consultants. 

Customers can be reassured that our air testing and four stage clearance results are of some of the most accurate in the industry.

View our certification report here.

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