Deep Moor LF Limited provide a comprehensive asbestos collection and/or disposal service into their own landfill cell in Devon. They offer a range of enclosed skips with lockable lids, so that their customers can store asbestos safely. They also offer asbestos identification and testing services. Their landfill site is based in Torrington, Devon. It is a fully Environment Agency permitted asbestos disposal centre and accepts most asbestos containing materials (ACMs).

Corporate social responsibility and environmental responsibility is integral to their commercial success. The safety, health and well-being of their workforce is a priority. Training, rigorous safety monitoring and meeting BSI ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards ensures best practice at their site. This protects their workforce, customers and the public.

Asbestos consultant in PPE

Asbestos Air Monitoring Services

Deep Moor LF Limited have appointed Scientific Services to complete regular air monitoring at their asbestos disposal centre. When attending, our consultants run a number of static pumps. They sample the air throughout the site and at its boundaries. The positioning of the pumps are adjusted subject to the wind direction and works taking place at the time of the site visit.

All background air tests completed to date have yielded favourable results. They have all been below the clearance indicator. This has provided reassurance to the Directors and employees within the company. It also confirms the effectiveness of their working practices in terms of controlling asbestos fibre release.

Scientific Services has agreed a monitoring schedule. We maintain provisional bookings within our electronic booking system. This helps to ensure that any required monitoring visits are scheduled, when needed. As the next booking approaches our team can contact Deep Moor LF Limited and agree a date and time for attendance. We ensure that our testing activities take place when a cell is open and receiving asbestos waste. This approach provides meaningful, representative results.

Test Results

Scientific Services issue the test reports immediately following the asbestos air monitoring. From arrival to completion, the process takes roughly two hours. Deep Moor LF Limited are informed and able to continue to deliver their services, with little, or no disruption.

“Scientific Services provide an accurate, dependable and professional asbestos testing service. Their booking system is efficient and ensures that all required asbestos monitoring takes place as needed.” Jack Jane, Environmental Monitoring Technician, Deep Moor LF Limited.


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