Data Protection and Privacy 

We have developed robust systems and procedures to ensure your data is safe. We use your personal information only for purposes as agreed and outlined in our policies. Whilst delivering services, we protect your privacy both online and offline. 


Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Complaints are taken very seriously and trigger a thorough investigation. 


We are an independent consultancy. Who holds no allegiances with other companies within the asbestos and Legionella markets. We offer impartial advice, surveys and testing services. Our teams have developed a number of tools which promote impartiality.

Health and Safety

We work within high risk industries. Our employees are in contact with hazardous substances on a daily basis. Health and safety has to be at the core of our practices. Regular audits are completed by our quality management team to ensure complete compliance.

Insurance Certificate

Please see our public, employer and professional indemnity insurance certification below.

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