Scientific Services’ asbestos bulk testing team have completed the Asbestos in Materials Scheme (AIMS) Round 72 with great results. They have secured another, consecutive ‘Good’ rating. The best possible score, and one the consultancy has enjoyed for over 13 years.

Asbestos analyst looking into a microscope

AIMS assesses the performance of laboratories carrying out the identification of asbestos in bulk materials. All laboratories who are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to ISO: 17025 are required to participate within the scheme.

Round 72 involved the analysis of 4 samples and our laboratory’s team got all 4 results correct. This was a particularly interesting round as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who run the scheme, ended up discounting sample 4.  96 out of 379 laboratories failed to identify the tremolite within the sample. The HSE stated that “It was realised at the screening and validation stages this was an extremely challenging sample. Therefore, the decision was taken to release the sample but to not score it. It was hoped labs could learn from analysing the sample, possibly revisit it once the results are released and continue to use it for training purposes.” 

Despite these challenges, Scientific Services were able to correctly identify all the asbestos types present, within all samples, including the discounted sample. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our analysis and the experience of our team.

View our AIMS certification here.

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