The Royal Cornwall Hospital is the only acute hospital in Cornwall. It is based in Treliske, near Truro. Promoting the safety of the Trust’s employees, patients and stakeholders is a priority for the Estate Operations team. Scientific Services has worked with them to manage asbestos at the Royal Cornwall Hospital.

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Sampling, Asbestos Testing & Air Monitoring

Following a potential asbestos disturbance, the Estate Operations team contacted Scientific Services. Understanding their duties under the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012, they wanted to ensure their continued compliance.

Dr Tim Hamilton, Managing Director of Scientific Services, provided accurate consultancy advice. He agreed that the correct course of action was to close all affected areas. He recommended emergency reassurance air testing. Advising that satisfactory results would enable the areas to be re-opened.

The Trust required a quick response. An asbestos consultant attended site within hours of the potential asbestos disturbance. Scientific Services had to assess the extent of the possible asbestos contamination. Based on this initial consultation process, our Consultant devised a testing regime. Pumps were run in the roof spaces of various properties and within a specific room. Once the air had been sampled, the fibres present on each of the slides were counted. All samples returned results below the clearance indicator.

Following these favourable results, our BOHS P402 qualified consultant completed bulk sampling. Methods used were compliant with ISO: 17025 standards and HSG: 248. Dust and debris samples were collected. Scientific Services transported these to our in-house, UKAS accredited testing laboratory. Using polarised light microscopy, our analysis confirmed negative results for all the samples. The laboratory is located close to the Royal Cornwall Hospital. We prioritised the samples and the test results were available on the day of the sampling exercise.

This thorough and fast testing programme confirmed that no area presented a potential safety risk. It crucially enabled critically important areas of the hospital to be operational.

Customer Portal

Scientific Services’ customer portal provides a platform for securely storing all test reports. The Estate Operations team can access their asbestos reports at any time, from anywhere. A facility that has become useful with increasing numbers of people working remotely.

Continued Support

The management of asbestos is an on-going duty. If needed, our technical teams can provide asbestos management advice to the Trust.

“Following a potential disturbance of asbestos, the Trust needed an accurate, fast asbestos testing service. Scientific Services’ knowledge and advice supported our next steps. Their quick response and efficiency were important. This enabled the hospital to safely and quickly reinstate all areas for use.” Duncan Clift, Estates Manager Projects, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust.

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